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By the time your baby is two years old, they will have sprouted 20 teeth, and a wooden teething ring can help them stay comfortable during this trying period. The appearance of your baby’s first tooth may be exciting for you, but it can be quite uncomfortable for your little one. Teething can lead to several unpleasant symptoms such as pain, red or irritated gums, sleeplessness, a decreased appetite, and even fever. You want to help your baby feel better fast, and one simple but effective solution is teething toys. These toys provide pressure on your baby’s tender gums and offer some relief when those first tiny teeth are making themselves known.

Benefits of a Wooden Teether

When it comes to teething toys, you have some options. You can choose wooden or silicone teething rings, for example, and each has its unique advantages. Here are some reasons you might want a wooden teether. 

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free. One of the main reasons some parents prefer wooden teethers is that they are non-toxic and free from harmful or questionable substances such as metal, phthalates, and BPA. 
  • Durable. Wood is often far more durable than plastic. That means that you can buy a teething toy and expect it to last much longer than one made of a different material.
  • Sustainable. Certain types of wood are sustainable and grown in managed renewable forests. More trees are planted to replace the ones that are cut down and used.
  • Naturally antibacterial. It may surprise you to learn that wood has natural antimicrobial properties. That means that your little one benefits from an extra layer of protection when chewing on a wooden teether.

The Importance of Wooden or Silicone teething Rings

No matter what type of teether you decide to use, they all have one thing in common: they soothe and entertain your teething infant. Here are some of the specific benefits of letting your baby use wooden or silicone teething rings and other chewy toys.

  • Pain relief. Most babies experience some level of discomfort while teething; for some, the process is downright painful. A little pressure applied to the gums can offer relief, which makes teething toys a great solution. 
  • Safety. Babies love to chew on anything and everything – but not everything is meant to go in their mouths. Teething toys are designed to be safe for babies to chew on, from their non-toxic composition to their rounded shapes.
  • Lots of options. You can find teethers in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes. Parents can experiment with different types to find the ones that their babies enjoy the most.

Why You Should Choose Sarah-Jane Collection

The Sarah-Jane Collection includes not just teething toys and other gifts but also a variety of baby swimming gear such as reusable swim nappies, wet bags, hoodie towels, and more. We focus on eco-friendly designs whenever possible as well as exceptional quality and top-notch customer service. We’re parents ourselves, and we test every one of our products extensively to ensure that we sell only items we would want to use for our children. To learn more about our products or ask any questions you may have, contact us today.

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