Bamboo Inserts- Set of 5

Bamboo Inserts- Set of 5

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If you have chosen to take the cloth diaper journey, you will be needing lots of these! At least 6 inserts a day at newborn stage so this set of 5 Inserts make the perfect addition to our modern cloth diapers. 

Our premium 4 layer Organic Bamboo inserts are made from 2 layers of bamboo on the outside and 2 layers of microfiber in the middle. Making them super thirsty but also super soft against babies skin.

 Insert size: 35 x 14cm


Care Instructions-

To prepare your new diapers, soak the inserts in water overnight before washing them with the shells prior to first wear.  

Wash Instructions-

Step 1. Knock solids into toilet (miss this step for newborn runny poo! either hand rinse or pre-wash) and store the used cloth diaper in a dry pail.

Step 2. Pre-wash on a warm cycle (40-60 degrees) with detergent every 1-2 days.

Finally, Main-wash. Run a long main wash cycle (40-60 degrees) with detergent every 2-3 days.

Hang out to dry :-)