Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle
Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle

Baby & Toddler Swim Bundle- Toucan Jungle

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Who doesn't love a bit of Matchy Matchy! Our Toucan Jungle Swim Bundle comes with a reusable swim diaper, hooded towel and a large waterproof wet bag which compliment each other perfectly! 

Reusable Swim Diaper:

QUALITY ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE SWIM NAPPY– NO MORE DISPOSABLES:  These Premium swimming nappies have a 100% PUL Polyester cloth fabric Outer shell that is breathable & waterproof, the inner layer is made from a strong and super soft Nylon mesh giving your baby the best comfort that they deserve.  As well as being super stylish with the most adorable prints.  The ONLY swim diaper you will need, with no more disposable swim diapers required you are saving the environment so everyone is a winner!

SAVE HUNDREDS- REUSABLE SWIM DIAPER - GROWS WITH YOUR BABY:  Each of our swimming diapers are designed to fit your baby from Newborn (10 lbs/ 4.5kg) through to toddler stage (25lbs/ 12kg). The baby swim  diaper is adjustable by the snap fastenings around the waist and legs with 3 different size options and another 3 size adjustments to the height of the baby swim diapers on the front.  You can be sure this is a MUST BUY and will last you a lot longer than the single size disposable swim diapers offered by leading brands! Now is the time to stop throwing your money away lovely people.

ENJOY SWIMMING WITH YOUR BABY WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT LITTLE ACCIDENTS: Our cute swim diapers will leave you able to relax with your baby or toddler and enjoy swimming in the pool knowing that there won't be any pool evacuations from any little accidents! As well as no little reminders left in the Ocean or sand while at the beach as they are designed to retain any solids.  Our snug fitting swimming diapers offer this protection so you can enjoy and have fun with your little ones.

EASY TO CLEAN: Our premium quality reusable swim diaper with its 100% PUL Polyester outer shell and soft nylon mesh lining is designed for easy washing.  Cleaning is as simple as a Hand/ Machine Wash Cold/warm on a gentle cycle, line dry/ low tumble dry only. 

Wet Bags:

They are super versatile and can be used not only for swimming, beach trips but for travelling & general everyday activities. 

They can be used to hold dirty clothes, spare clothing, diapers, wet swimsuits, toys, wet wipes, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, toiletries, potting training supplies…just about anything! 

Our wet bag features:

  • Waterproof PUL material with digital print
  • Zippable
  • Pram/Stroller latch or can be used to attach to Diaper or swim bags

Our wet bags are eco-friendly, eliminating the need to use plastic bags!

Attach this bag to your existing swim & diaper bag or use it on its own.


Size: H40cm x W30cm with zip and a pram/stroller latch 
Material: Water-Resistant Printed PUL

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe down with a water/vinegar solution in between uses.
  • When needed, throw into the wash on a cold cycle.
  • Use natural, gentle detergents. Avoid anything with fragrances, enzymatic cleaners, fabric softeners and bleach.
  • Air dry. Only if necessary, use a dryer on a cool setting. Do not use dryer sheets.

 Please note: Refrain from washing or drying on hot cycles as this can damage the waterproof PUL layer of the bag.

Hooded Towels: 

Our hooded towels are made from 100% Organic Cotton, they are super soft for your little one and best of all it will last them to toddler stage.

  • MAKING BATH / SWIM / BEACH TIME EASY AND FUN: Once bath & splash time is over, place the hood on their head, and use the sides to wrap and snuggle! Long and wide perfect for drying all those nooks and crannies whilst keeping them snug and warm. 
  • Size of Towel : Sized 76cm x 76cm (30" x 30") our towel is perfect for babies and toddlers.

    Hooded towels are the perfect way to ensure your baby will be warmed up quickly after any swimming or water activity and the designs are made to match our Swim Diapers & wet bags which make them even more adorable!

OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident you’ll love our reusable swimming nappies, wet bags & towels that they come with a no questions asked money back guarantee.  Get your little one enjoying the water, while saving money and the environment :-)